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3 tips for using CSViewer in teams

Use datasets

An easy way to share data and analytics.

CSViewer can export data as datasets (.dset files) that have a number of advantages over text files. They are 5-10 times smaller than text files, because datasets compress data, and can be password-protected to conceal sensitive information.

Also, dataset files embed the analytical view (filters and charts) shown at the moment of exporting, so you can share data together with analytics. Finally, CSViewer reads and analyzes .dset files up to 10 times faster than text files.

Overall, datasets are a perfect medium to share data (e.g. by email).

Use a shared folder

Store datasets and views in a shared folder.

Share datasets (.dset files) and CSViewer views (.csview files) with your team via a network folder or a file-sharing service such as Dropbox or OneDrive. Organize datasets and views by subject areas and data sources in sub-folders.

Leverage the permission system of Windows or Dropbox to control access to data.

Add EasyMorph

Provide lightweight reporting and analytics to an unlimited number of users for small monthly fee.

Start using EasyMorph for automated, scheduled preparation of shared datasets and text files without programming. EasyMorph is a powerful visual data preparation and automation tool designed for non-technical people. It has more than 150 configurable transformations and actions and can handle even very complex calculations.

One EasyMorph license costs just $75/month (billed as $900/year) and can be used to generate all text extracts and datasets your team needs, as well as push data into databases and BI applications such as Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik.

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