Fast viewer for large CSV files. Free forever.
  • Quickly load and analyze CSV files with up to 500 million rows.
  • Load collections of uniform CSV files (i.e. with the same set of column names).
  • Instant full-table profiling (uniques counts, min/max numbers, max text lengths, etc).
  • Fast associative filtering by one or multiple columns.
  • Export filtered rows into a new CSV file.
  • One-click integration with EasyMorph — a fast, visual tool for ETL and no-code automation.
  • Perfect for non-technical people who need to find/filter something in CSV datasets that don't fit in Excel.
  • Forever free. No strings attached.

It is advised to have >16GB of RAM in your computer if you work with datasets that exceed 100 million rows.
CSViewer is for 64-bit Windows only. Sorry, Linux/Mac people!


CSViewer (64-bit)

Version 1.3 build 0 for Windows; 3,566KB (zipped).

By downloading CSViewer you confirm that you agree with the End User License Agreement.