Fast viewer
for data files

  • Delimited text files (CSV, TSV, PSV, etc.)
  • Binary files: QVD, DSET, (Parquet coming soon)
  • Loads millions of rows in seconds
  • Best for exploratory analysis of large data files
  • Forever free! No strings attached
Version 2.2 for Windows; 10,741KB (zipped). For 64-bit Windows only.

Advanced filtering

Best-in-class filtering at your fingertips.

Query data, explore relationships in data, and spot oddities by using best-in-class filtering. CSViewer indicates values excluded from the current selection for a better insight into data.

Aggregates and charts are updated immediately when a filter is applied or changed.

Instant profiling

Null counts, uniques, min/max values, aggregates, etc. for every column.

Quickly understand data by instantly profiling the whole dataset, or any column, or even individual values. See uniques, spot outliers, and detect data quality issues at a glance.


Save filtered subsets of data for further action.

Export the filtered subset of rows into another file for sharing or use in another application. Convert data from one file format to another, e.g. from CSV to QVD.

When you export into the native for CSViewer .dset file format, data is saved together with filters and charts for your convenience.

Data views

Save time by using data views

Don't waste time by configuring filters and charts from scratch when you open a file again. Save a view (a .csview file) and next time continue your analysis from where you left off. Easily switch the data source of a view to another file (e.g. to analyze another period in time).

Load collections of multiple uniform CSV files at once. It’s as easy as loading a single file.
Visualize data using built-in charts and cross-tables to understand trends and spot outliers.
With one click, pass data for transformation in EasyMorph, an easy-to-use data preparation / ETL tool with 150+ actions and a free edition.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a version for Mac?
CSViewer is for 64-bit Windows only.
Can CSViewer be used in a commercial organization?
Yes, you can use CSViewer in a commercial organization free of charge.
Why is it forever free? How do you finance its development?
CSViewer is made from the components of EasyMorph, a paid application (although, with a free edition) for data preparation, ETL, and API automation without coding. EasyMorph is easy-to-use and is suitable even for non-technical people. You should try it!
I have a question/suggestion. How can I contact you?
We recommend posting questions and suggestions on the Community forum. If your question is not suitable for a public forum, ask us directly. Please mention CSViewer in your question as we have multiple software products.